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We are currently looking for a new Chair of the Board of Trustees to take over from Dr David White who is retiring from this position after five years.This is an exciting time for CAUK, with a major growth in the charity in the last five years, and the challenge of taking us forward into the future.

The Chair of the Trustee Board will lead the Trustee Board and work with the staff and volunteers to deliver the objectives of the Trust. The Chair will ensure effective governance of the Charity and that Trustees are effective and fulfil their role. The Chair will guide and support the staff, headed by Dr Ian Stuart who founded the charity in 2005.

CAUK is a charity under English Law and has applied for charitable status in Scotland. We are governed by a small Board of Trustees within the legal framework laid down by the Charity Commission.

This is a voluntary (i.e. unpaid) position.

Further Particulars are available here; Further-Particulars-Chairperson CAUK 8507

To apply, please send a CV to the present Chair of the Trustee Board at together with a supporting statement indicating your interest in this position by 30th June. The Board has constituted a small panel to interview prospective candidates.

If we wish to take your application further, we will require details of two referees who will be able to give their opinion as to your suitability for the role in question. We are unable to accept a reference from a family member or personal friend.

If you would like to discuss this position informally with the Chair of the Trustees, David White, please arrange a suitable time by first contacting him at


We are a Dorchester (Dorset) based national charity that supports people diagnosed with cavernoma. A cavernoma is a blood-vessel malformation, primarily found in the brain or spine, which can seep blood into the surrounding brain and spinal tissue. One in 600 people has a cavernoma without knowing it. Those who have a symptomatic cavernoma, however, are far rarer, with one in 12,500 experiencing problems such as strokes, seizures, and other neurological difficulties.

CAUK was founded in 2005 by Dr Ian Stuart. In the first phase of CAUK’s existence, Ian built up the charity from scratch from his back bedroom with a small team of volunteers as Trustees, to provide the support that he found so elusive when he was first diagnosed with a brain-stem cavernoma.

For the second phase, we were fortunate to get a generous five-year grant from the Big Lottery that started in 2013 and ends this September. This has provided funds for three part-time employees, back-office provision and an ambitious programme of work to develop our support. During this phase our membership has moved from receiving two new members a week to over seven, taking our new members from 600 in 2013 to almost 2000 now. We are currently receiving new members at almost the published rate of new diagnoses.

This year (to 30 September 2018) we forecast an income of about £110k, of which £27k is our final Big Lottery grant, £60k is income raised by members and other individuals, mostly undertaking eclectic events. We have just been awarded a major two-year award for our CaverFamilies (families in which one or more of the children have cavernoma); this starts in May and gives us an income of about £20k this CAUK financial year.

We now enter the third phase of our development and face a number of challenges. We have to replace the Big Lottery funding. Our programme of work in recent years has been dominated by delivering the Big Lottery objectives and needs to evolve.

Our website contains much more information (


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