Projects and Campaigns

Big Step

In 2013 CAUK was awarded a £200 000 grant from Reaching Communities (Big Lottery) to administer an ambitious expansion and development project in order in improve our reach to all in the cavernoma community. This enabled Dr Ian Stuart, who had tirelessly worked as a volunteer, to be employed as Project Manager and Co-ordinator. It also allowed for Sophie Eldridge to be employed as Administrator  and Angela Yeomans  as Community Worker. Through the project we are already increasing our membership and the number of people able to access our services – particularly those in the under-represented North of England. We are running more events, where people affected by cavernoma, have a chance to hear presentations on the latest findings from medical experts in the field of cavernoma, ask questions and meet and connect with other members of the cavernoma community.

Priority Settings Partnership (PSP)

A successful members’ fundraising campaign in 2014 allowed CAUK to administer a Priority Settings Partnership Project through the James Lind Alliance and in collaboration with medical specialists in cavernoma. This is to help determine treatment uncertainties in the field of cavernoma to enable research aims to be established. This will in future provide clearer guidelines in the management and treatment of cavernoma.

‘Share & Make People Aware’ Campaign

Our ‘Share & Make People Aware’ Campaign was established in 2014 as a way of increasing awareness in the medical community and the general public about cavernoma. We are asking all our members and supporters to take our Public Information Leaflets with them when they visit their GP surgery or hospital neurology department and to let us know where they have been distributed. For hard copies of leaflets, further information, or to advise us of distribution, please contact us. You can also download our Public Information Leaflet below.

Public Information Leaflet

Public Information Leaflet

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