For some of our online webinars, we use software called Zoom.

Install on Windows or Mac

Please see the Zoom Download page here

Mobile Apps

To install Zoom for iOS devices (such as iPad or iPhone) use the app store.

To install Zoom for your Android phone or tablet (such as Samsung devices, etc..) use the play store.

Join a Meeting

When we arrange a date and time for a webinar or virtual meeting we will post the Meeting Link and/or Meeting ID. You can use these details to join the meeting.

We recommend installing the apps ahead of joining in case of problems.

Join Using a Link

If you were sent a link to join a Zoom meeting, or if you found it posted online, just click the link and follow the
on-screen instructions to join the meeting.

The date and time of our meetings will be posted to the events page.

Join Using a Meeting ID

You can use a 9, 10 or 11 digit meeting ID to join a meeting.

  1. Open the Zoom Application.
  2. Click the blue Join a Meeting button.
  3. Enter your 9 or 10 digit Meeting ID and Your Name.
  4. Click Join.

Quick Tips for Using Zoom

  • If you are using an external camera and/or microphone be sure to plug them in before opening the Zoom application. We recommend using a headset if possible.
  • Only 1 microphone and speaker system should be active per physical location. Otherwise the 2 systems may cause a loud screeching sound.
  • Be sure to mute yourself when you are not speaking.
  • Use the Chat feature to ask questions without interrupting the speaker.
  • You cannot record unless you are the meeting host, or the meeting host allows you permission to
  • The Zoom Help Center is available here

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