Warren & Christopher, Dorset

Warren and Christopher


“I played in a cricket tournament final for my school in Dorset and it was agreed that if I scored one run that equals 10 pence and each wicket I got out was worth 60 pence. If I got out that was minus 60 pence. I was sponsored by my family. We played five games and came fifth out of twelve teams. I wanted to raise money for Cavernoma Alliance UK to support people who have a Cavernoma in their brain. I know the money I raised is not a lot, but every pound helps. I collected £34.40 and hopes this makes a small difference” Christopher (on the right)

“I played cricket for my school. The venue was held at Bryanstone School in Blandford. We agreed that each point was worth 10pence. Altogether I raised £29.50 for Cavernoma Alliance. We did really well at the cricket, we came fifth out of 12 teams. We are the fifth best school team in Dorset for age eleven. Even though I did not raise much I am pleased to know that the money will help people in the future. I wrote this all by myself with no help from dad”. By Warren

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