Susanne’s body painting jam

Susanne. Photograph by Gerard Caffrey

Susanne came up with a very creative and artistic initiative for raising funds and awareness of cavernoma and brain injuries. She arranged a successful body painting fundraiser with the help of artist Stephanie Power. Susanne said “The body painting jam at Camden Palace was great fun and the atmosphere felt very comfortable, safe and respectful. Being painted as a brain was an idea I had, to raise awareness of brain injury, because I suffered brain injury myself in 2013 and had a craniotomy to remove a cavernoma in February 2014. There is an interesting interrelation between the vulnerability of the bare body and that of the brain.

The wonderful artwork was done by Stephanie Power. After mapping the brain’s squiggles onto my back in a crouched position, Stephanie painted me in standing or sitting positions for comfort. It took close to 5 hours to finish the painting”.


Photograph by Sasha Lambert


Susanne added, “We had great PR prior to the event in a local paper, the Evening Echo, which will also follow up and publish some of the results. During the event we had a reporter from that paper come in to photograph me. My body painting fundraiser is connected with raising funds for the charities Headway Ireland, who support people with acquired brain injury, and Cavernoma Alliance UK”.


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