Jonny’s back!

Finn Mcrae and Jonny Sherlock

Congratulations to Jonny on a fantastic sporting achievement in completing his solo cycle ride Coast to Coast across Canada and back again. CAUK are very grateful to Jonny for taking on this challenge and raising £6,300 through sponsorship of his amazing and difficult journey.

The cycling epic was undertaken in support of his close friend Fin Macrae who had cavernoma and to help others with the condition. Fin Macrae had to undergo an eight hour operation in July 2015 to remove a brain cavernoma.  Jonny said “I started this journey in support and solidarity with others who face suffering in some way. The ups and the downs, the good days and the bad days, holding on to a certain hope that there is life to be found in the giving of oneself for others — it is about grace, it is about love. And this I found to be true,”

Jonny started his cycling marathon on the 17th June and he has met many friendly Canadians as well as seeing bear and moose on his journey across Canada, east to west, which he completed on the 2nd August.  Jonny cycled a distance of over 4,200 miles with 42 cycling days and 5 rest days.  Jonny started his return journey west to east Coast to Coast across Canada on the 25th August and arrived back on the east coast in Nova Scotia on the 5th October.  Another 40 cycling days of remarkable physical effort with just 2 rest days .  A total of 8,268 miles and 89 days in Jonny’s epic journey.

Jonny added, “It was an adventure and a surprise. I saw some awesome sights and met some amazing people who supported and cared for me. I can’t list them all but to everyone, no matter how brief the visit, I really valued and was delighted to meet them. I am sincerely grateful to you all.”

Jonny posted updates and photographs on his ambitious Coast to Coast journey across Canada on his Facebook page:

By Paul Cooper.


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