“Caver-no-more 2030” Essay Prize for 2020

“Caver-no-more 2030” Essay Prize

Sponsored by the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation
We are delighted to announce that Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) is holding its annual “Caver-no-more 2030” essay prize for papers on anything related to cavernoma, with an award of £500 for the winner.  This essay prize is part of CAUK’s “Caver-no-more 2030” strategy with an ambitious goal of finding a cure for this debilitating condition by 2030.

The terms and conditions for the prize are as follows:

  • Open to trainees in clinical neuroscience specialties or early-career clinical/laboratory researchers working in the UK;
  • Approximately 3000 words in length excluding references, figures or tables;
  • To include original unpublished material or observations;
  • Declaration required from applicants stating they have performed most (i.e. more than 50%) of the work, with a letter to this effect from their Head of Department;
  • Submission deadline of midnight on 1st September.

All entries to be sent to Liz Morgan (CEO of CAUK) liz@cavernoma.org.uk. We very much look forward to receiving your submissions.

The winner will be determined by a panel of clinicians and researchers. The winner will be awarded their prize at the Cavernoma Alliance UK CaverHub in November 2020.

About Cavernoma Alliance UK

Formed in 2005 CAUK is a charity representing the 1 in 600 people with an asymptomatic cavernoma and the 1 in 400,000 people who are first diagnosed with cavernoma each year. CAUK is a member led organisation run by and for those impacted by the condition, their carers and friends.  The charity works from a model of empowerment, recognising the value of members’ lived experience providing mutual support; promoting awareness; and driving research into finding a cure. As a charity we exist for members at every point in their lives, providing holistic person-centred support.

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