Adele, 200K Dunwich Dynamo

Adele Sharp Dunwich Dynamo Cycling Event July 2015

The Dunwich Dynamo is an unsupported 200k night ride that happens yearly the weekend nearest the full moon in July. We arrived to London Fields in Hackney on a scorching hot evening. There were probably around 3000 cyclists in the fields and surrounding areas. We left in, what felt like,  mass exodus at 8.30pm. Pedestrians were stopping us to ask what was happening. Some people stood to the side of the road cheering and clapping us on. It was amazing to see the sunset and the size of the moon when it rose. Descending down hills in the pitch black while worrying about potholes  is an experience! Some little sleepy hamlets opened their pubs during the night. Even a fire station had provided a BBQ! We arrived at the first pitstop at 12am. A quick pint for the lads and a soft drink for the girls and we were off again. I got lost from our more experienced riders at one point and took a wrong turn. 20 other riders also followed me! That put an extra 5 miles on our journey. As dawn approached people had set up stands selling bacon sandwiches. We were back in glorious sunshine! I have to admit I hit a wall approximately 20 to 30 miles from the end. Everything hurt and I now know my padded shorts weren’t padded enough! I struggled on and eventually reached Dunwich beach full of sleeping cyclists at 7.50am. It is definitely an experience I would do again. 

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