Ryan (from Cheshire) Snowdon Climb

Before the climb I was particularly worried due to a number of reasons. Most noticeably the fact that I was only diagnosed with a Cavernoma less than 12 months ago – having this to ponder in my mind – knowing that exercise is increasingly difficult and risky living life with a Cavernoma was a huge mental obstacle to overcome. The physical challenge came from the fact that I have never climbed a mountain before or completed anything strenuous in terms of long periods of cardio exercise. Despite these challenges I was determined to achieve and complete the climb! 3


I am delighted to say that I completed the climb successfully (3 hours to the top and 2 hours back down). It was very difficult at certain parts of the climb and was both physically and mentally draining. The climb was made a lot easier however due to the simple fact that the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining all day which coincided with the astonishing views, it was a pleasure to complete this challenge on such a wonderful day with amazing friends.


I had aches and pains the next day in places within my body I didn’t even know existed but it was worth every moment. I feel a lot fitter having continued to exercise following the climb. I also feel a lot more confident in believing that Cavernomas will not hold me back from achieving anything I aspire to achieve in my life!

 At the Top 2

I am extremely proud of myself, my fellow climbers and the generosity of all the people that donated / spread the awareness of this condition. Thank you all truly from the bottom of my heart and I hope the donations can support the on-going research surrounding Cavernomas and the people affected by them.


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