Ollie’s Tay Bridge Walk

The Holt Family, Scotland

Ollie, Tay Bridge Walk


Emma Holt advised “My son Ollie became unwell following a massive seizure in April last year, he was diagnosed with having multiple cavernomas. None of our family and friends including myself had heard of a cavernoma, GP’s knew very little and nobody around was experiencing the same thing. What Ollie was experiencing was rare and in a desperate attempt to find as much information as I could I found Cavernoma Alliance UK’s website”.


Ollie, his Mum Emma Holt and family and friends at the start of the Tay Bridge walk

Emma Holt said in February 2015, “Our family would be lost if we hadn’t discovered CAUK. CAUK has given us valuable information from the website, leaflets and forum. Advice from other members who have been in a similar situation and most importantly for us as a family is getting the opportunity to meet speak and share experiences with other families facing similar problems through the CaverFamilies residential weekend, and CAUK’s facebook group. I hadn’t met anyone who was aware of this condition before my son was diagnosed with having multiple Cavernomas, so without CAUK none of the above would be available to our family and I can’t imagine how much harder things would be. My family can’t big CAUK up enough”.

Completion of the Holt family CAUK sponsored walk

The Holt family and friends arranged a sponsored walk across the Tay Bridge in March 2014 and raised over £400 for CAUK. Ollie is currently waiting a date for surgery to remove one of his cavernomas.






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