Introducing our new Northern Community Worker, Ailsa Crowe

We’re happy to announce that Ailsa Crowe will be joining the CAUK team as our new Northern Community Worker.

In her own words, a brief biography

Hi all! I’m Ailsa
I’m 27 years old from Glasgow and your new Northern Community Worker! Two years ago in October I was diagnosed with a right thalamic Cavernoma after suffering a bleed whilst living and working abroad. I moved back to the U.K. to get the help and support I needed and have spent the time adjusting to my new normal. I have found CAUK to be an incredible source of information and support since day one and am delighted to have the chance to contribute to something that means so much to so many of us!

A little bit about me… I have a Masters degree in Logistics, I have lived and worked in 6 different countries and speak fluent Spanish! I love to travel and to read, and sport (especially tennis) has been a huge part of my life. I’m hoping to get back on the court one day soon! I’m an outgoing, sociable person and I’m looking forward to meeting and/or speaking with all of you ‘Northerners’ soon!

I’m sure you’ll all join us in welcome Ailsa to the team – if you’d like to contact Ailsa, you can contact her via her email address

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