Leave a gift in your will

CAUK relies on donations from members, supporters and the general public to fund the vital information and support work our charity provides. One good way to support the work of CAUK is to leave a gift in your will. By leaving a legacy in a will, you will be helping those whose lives are affected by cavernoma.

Wills should be prepared in accordance with the law and be signed by witnesses. A solicitor or professional will-writer can be consulted to make sure your will is legal and valid. Upon a person’s death, wills are read by the nominated executors (the people you have nominated to carry out your wishes) and they will follow your instructions with regard to any gifts of money, possessions, shares or property. If you have already made a will and wish to add to it, this can be arranged by way of a codicil which is a formal addition to an existing will. A legal adviser can help with this.

The process of leaving a gift to a charity is relatively straightforward. In your will, please clearly state Cavernoma Alliance UK as the organisation you wish to leave the gift to and add the full registered address and charity number as below. Please also clearly describe the gift, amount of money, or share of your estate you wish to leave Cavernoma Alliance UK.

Cavernoma Alliance UK
Unit 601 (CAUK)
20, The Grove Industrial Estate,
Registered charity number: 1114145

CAUK are very grateful for every legacy left to us. Please let us know if you have included us in your will.


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