‘Share and Make People Aware’ Campaign

‘Share and Make People Aware’ raises awareness of cavernoma amongst both the general public and clinicians. One way people are introduced to the cavernoma community is through the availability of our Public Information Leaflet and Information Poster (which for your information can be downloaded below) at UK hospital departments and GP surgeries.

If you would like to take part in this campaign, you can request printed copies of these leaflets and posters from the CAUK office by telephoning 01305 213876, emailing community@cavernoma.org.uk or by going to ‘contact us‘.

CAUK would love advance knowledge of your trip to the hospital by emailing our volunteer coordinator, who coordinates this programme, at volcoord@cavernoma.org.uk. CAUK accepts no liability for your hospital trip as you are not acting as our representative. But CAUK will refund your expenses with prior clearance (for example on the production of a receipt for hospital parking charges) whether you are making a special journey or have a regular meeting with your consultant. To be considered for a full refund (CAUK will even pay your travel costs) the only requirement is that you visit and display (subject to hospital regulations) the printed ‘Share and Make People Aware’ materials you receive by post.

Public Information Leaflet

 ART100796-Cavernoma-poster (1)

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