Company Giving

CAUK is a small, pioneering and cost-effective charity that helps those with a brain or spine cavernoma, through providing advice, support and sponsoring research. The charity also aims to raise awareness of this often unrecognised and sometimes misdiagnosed condition amongst the public and medical profession. Company Giving can become part of a company’s corporate and social responsibility plan and is a way of giving something back to the community and demonstrating community involvement to employees, customers and shareholders. Companies can choose to support CAUK in several different ways.

Charity of the Year

Does your company have a Charity of the Year programme? If yes, please consider nominating CAUK. Supporting a Charity of the Year is an opportunity to involve all employees in social and team building activities, such as dress up Fridays, wear a colour day, or cake and book sales to raise funds.

Match Funding

Companies can offer match funding or contribute to the fundraising initiatives of their employees. For instance, for every pound raised by an employee for CAUK an employer could add 50 pence, or match fund the fundraising total pound for pound. As part of a Payroll Giving scheme, employers can match the donations made by their employees. Match funding is an excellent way for companies to recognise the charitable fundraising of their employees and for companies to contribute to good causes. Let your employees know that your company will support their fundraising.

Direct Donations

Company donations can be straightforward to arrange and gifts can attract tax relief through approved schemes. As well as giving money, your company could donate shares or investments to earn dividends for our charity. Donations of goods and services can make great prizes for fundraising auctions and raffles. Please consider making a donation to CAUK to support those with cavernoma.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving (also known as ‘give as you earn’) is an easy way for employees to give regularly to their chosen charity. Employers need to register with a payroll giving agency and have a written agreement draw up to operate a Payroll Giving scheme. Your company will need to have the facility to make pre-tax deductions on your payroll system.

Within a Payroll Giving scheme employees can make regular tax free donations to CAUK, since donations are deducted by the employer before any tax is deducted. Company payroll departments usually only need to send one combined monthly payment (whether employees are paid monthly or weekly) to the payroll giving agent.  The payroll giving agent then sends the money to the beneficiary organisations on behalf of the employees.

Team Event Fundraising

There are many sports and team challenges that company employees can take part in to raise funds for charities like CAUK. Company team challenges can build up team spirit and raise money for good causes at the same time.

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