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Fundraising with Sonal Abram, “Sonal Desai Dishes”

CAUK member and passionate cook, Sonal Abram has written an Indian-Italian fusion cookbook “Sonal Desai Dishes“.

After recently seeking help from CAUK, Sonal has benefited from valuable information, support and community that our charity provides – and now she wants to give back! As a way of raising funds to help us continue the work that we do, Sonal has decided that she will donate £2 of every purchase of her cookbook to CAUK.

To purchase the book, and contribute to her fundraising efforts, simply go to and add “CAUK” after your name.

Of her recent experiences Sonal says;

I am very happy to be part of the CAUK, what a wonderful charity providing so much awareness about cavernomas to the medical profession as well as the general public. I have had cavernomas for a number of years, but only recently had a more serious experience, and this is what led me to seek out CAUK as a source of support and guidance. I have really enjoyed participating in the great webinars that CAUK runs with its members, and have valued hearing about other members’ experiences and getting some brilliant talks

About the Book

The book, Sonal Desia Dishes, includes a blend of many different cuisines, including pasta, buckwheat and bulgur wheat recipes, that use Indian spices. Her family favourite recipes are Baked pasta with orange lentils, Paneer makhani, Chole puri, Bhindi, Dosa and Quinoa rocket salad. She hopes people of all ages will be able to enjoy these recipes, as her intention is to increase knowledge of healthy but highly enjoyable foods.

About the Author

Sonal lives in Cambridge where she started a number of vegetarian cookery classes. She started to teach cookery as an evening class when she worked at Cambridge University, and her first batch of students were her colleagues from her laboratory!
She truly loves teaching cookery, and has been invited to many cooking demonstrations. She has also run various Saturday workshops and cooking demos for various charities and summer festivals.

We are so grateful to Sonal for this fundraising initiative.
Thank you for your purchase!

CAUK Conquers Everest

You all do an incredible job raising funds and we are extremely grateful. But so many of the usual methods have been taken away from you, and charities are facing a 40-60% drop in income. What can be done? Let us know of any ideas you have, but we also want to start here and now, with us…

Our wonderful Administrator, Sian Oliphant, has come up with a truly horrible idea! She thinks the staff should do a sponsored team mountain climb. As we can’t leave the house, she tells me we can do this virtually at home, using our stairs. Apparently 58,070 stairs is the equivalent of climbing Everest.


We’ve decided to start with the Three Peaks, and build up. Three Peaks in 7 days! If you would like to sponsor us go to


CAUK Forum 2017 : Art Auction

At the CAUK Forum 2017, we will be holding an Art Auction with paintings by Carolyn Nicholls.

Without further ado, the paintings and auction in her own words;

I can’t run. I don’t fancy jumping out of a plane and cycling makes me dizzy. But I can paint. Painting was my lifeline after my 3rd bleed and consequent brain surgery. My cavernoma was on my speech and language centre (left occipital- just above your ear!) and after my surgery I could hardly read, so I put my nascent novel on hold and sketched, drew and painted to help my somewhat battered brain to heal.

Like many of you, I got so much wonderful help, information and support from the Cavernoma Alliance UK that I wanted to give something back. So I painted four works that could be turned into art cards to raise funds. You will be able to buy them for £2.50 each at local Cavernoma Alliance events and at the York forum in June. All the profit goes to further the work. I have also donated the original paintings to be auctioned to raise more funds and you can put in a silent bid online below. You can own one of these painting to hang on your very own wall or you can form a small group to bid and donate the painting to brighten a venue dear to your heart, perhaps a hospital or doctors surgery.

Please bid generously, bidding is open to friends, family and anyone who is good for the money! Bidding will be via email up until the LIVE auction at the CAUK 2017 forum and closed on that day with the winner being notified if not in the room. If you are not at the forum the painting will be well wrapped and can be sent to you by a courier.

For more information, to view the lovely pictures or to place a bid, see here

Team Squalo, Crossing the Sicilian Channel

Team Squalo

Team Squalo

In July 2016, Team Squalo, undertook the amazing feat of swimming the Sicilian channel raising an incredible £2000 for CAUK, completely smashing the original £800 target! Team members consisted of Florent, Marco, Maurizio, Marc, Clement, and Federico.  Congratulations and a big thank you to Team Squalo. 


Naomi and Kirsty’s Coastal charity walk

Many thanks to Naoe35e9bc3-e701-4430-b81a-d188eda0b45ami and Kirsty for raising over £4,300 (plus gift aid). These fundraising achievements are phenomenal.

Naomi said “At the start of June, I completed a charity walk for Cavernoma Alliance UK with my lovely friend, Kirsty. We walked 40 miles over 3 days covering 3 sections of the Anglesey coastal path, walking from Llyn Rhos Ddu to Trearddur Bay. The weather was glorious and the views spectacular. Over £4000 has been raised from sponsorship, a manicure and raffle evening, and a Crazy Hair Day organised at a junior school. Thank you to all who have supported!”


Blythe’s Skydive

fbbcfe0a-1e6f-4085-9170-30b365266c00On Saturday 11 June Blythe was scheduled to skydive and raise funds for CAUK, unfortunately due to bad weather this was postponed.

Blythe said “After hanging around for over 9 hours at Strathallan, unfortunately I couldn’t jump today, it was too overcast (instead it’s been rescheduled for the last weekend in July. I’m trying to convince myself it’s not THAT long away haha!). But thank you so much for the leaflets and merchandise for the bake sale yesterday, it went so well, better than I had anticipated. I managed to raise over £100 in 20mins which was amazing! By God’s grace I’ve managed to blow my online target to £386, and I have almost another £200 to go online through cash donations & bake sale, which is beyond what I ever exceeded to raise for the Cavernoma Alliance!”

Mount Snowdon climb raises over £4700 for CAUK

Well done to Colin Doak and team for raising over £4700, this is phenomenal! Thank you from all at CAUK.

Here are some words from Colin:

What an adventure! We were not allowed to climb to the Summit on Sunday due to Storm Katie setting in but what we did achieve was all 12 of us and 3 dogs making it to the ridge below Clogwyn Station (about 70% up) and all 12 of us walked back down. Most of you know we took the Llanberis Pass and we experienced heavy rain, 100mph winds, thunder, lightening and MANY hail showers! The best news is we are all in one piece, no accidents and nobody turned back by choice! IMG_1804We are so thankful and grateful for all of your support and of course the amazing sponsorship we have received. It’s quite overwhelming really!! We intend to return to reach the Summit as soon as we can. In the meantime, please know how much it means to me to have brought a little light to what has been a difficult journey of 13 years.”

IMG_1802 IMG_1803


Fundraising for Josef Campion

CAUK would like to express its appreciation to Jo Dean, Julie Campion and Faye Dunn who ran the Manchester 10k in support of Josef Campion. Jo commented:

“Josef had his brain surgery in January which was a great success and although he still has 13 cavernomas they are under control. The large one which was bleeding was removed and he is doing absolutely fantastic.

The operation has been life-changing for him and with medication and regular check-ups we hope he continues to be seizure free. He has a long way to go as they are due to start to reduce his medication but we remain positive.”


Jo Dean re Josef Campion IMG_5400 Jo Dean re Josef Campion IMG_5415

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