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Fundraising with Sonal Abram, “Sonal Desai Dishes”

CAUK member and passionate cook, Sonal Abram has written an Indian-Italian fusion cookbook “Sonal Desai Dishes“.

After recently seeking help from CAUK, Sonal has benefited from valuable information, support and community that our charity provides – and now she wants to give back! As a way of raising funds to help us continue the work that we do, Sonal has decided that she will donate £2 of every purchase of her cookbook to CAUK.

To purchase the book, and contribute to her fundraising efforts, simply go to and add “CAUK” after your name.

Of her recent experiences Sonal says;

I am very happy to be part of the CAUK, what a wonderful charity providing so much awareness about cavernomas to the medical profession as well as the general public. I have had cavernomas for a number of years, but only recently had a more serious experience, and this is what led me to seek out CAUK as a source of support and guidance. I have really enjoyed participating in the great webinars that CAUK runs with its members, and have valued hearing about other members’ experiences and getting some brilliant talks

About the Book

The book, Sonal Desia Dishes, includes a blend of many different cuisines, including pasta, buckwheat and bulgur wheat recipes, that use Indian spices. Her family favourite recipes are Baked pasta with orange lentils, Paneer makhani, Chole puri, Bhindi, Dosa and Quinoa rocket salad. She hopes people of all ages will be able to enjoy these recipes, as her intention is to increase knowledge of healthy but highly enjoyable foods.

About the Author

Sonal lives in Cambridge where she started a number of vegetarian cookery classes. She started to teach cookery as an evening class when she worked at Cambridge University, and her first batch of students were her colleagues from her laboratory!
She truly loves teaching cookery, and has been invited to many cooking demonstrations. She has also run various Saturday workshops and cooking demos for various charities and summer festivals.

We are so grateful to Sonal for this fundraising initiative.
Thank you for your purchase!

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