Anthony’s story

‘On March 23rd 2009 I suffered a seizure at work and spent a few days in Hillingdon hospital. I have since been diagnosed as having 10 cavernomas one on the front left of my brain and one on the front right of my brain and a cluster near the back next to my spine. This is a fairly rare condition. The cavernoma is a blackberry like formation which seeps blood into the surrounding tissue. As this is gradually absorbed it leaves traces of iron, known as haemosiderin, which cause the seizures. I am now on pills to help stop anymore seizures, But I still have my good and bad days where I get very tired and suffer from very bad headaches.
And for those that don’t know me:

I now work at London Heathrow Airport as an Aircraft Dispatcher for BA, During early march 2009 I started to get mild twitching in the face around the mouth area and thought nothing of it, but over the following weeks it started to get worse, When I was on the aircraft speaking with the captain regarding fuel figures and over weight issues it started again but this time I was a lot worse, It sounded as if I was drunk because my words would come out slurred, Now I was worried so booked to see my local GP, who was told at the time my older brother had suffered from this same illness that I was to have later on in the month, My local GP told me to film it on my mobile phone what was going on next time so I could show him. When, to cut a long story short, I went into work that day on my late shift, I had been in my office no longer than 15 mins when I felt another attack coming on. Little was I to know this would end up with me in hospital, I lost all control over my left side of my face and the side of my mouth dropped and I could not speak. One of my co-workers caught me from falling on the floor. I ended up in hospital and found out I have two lesions one on each side of my head at the front and a group of 8/10 near the back, This was just 4 days after my 40th birthday, I was signed off for a few months but went back to work in July 2009.

I ran the London Marathon In a time of 5hrs 31:38 which for me was a great time and raised over £1000 for Cavernoma Alliance bearing In mind I have never run further than 13 miles In one go was one of the hardest things I had ever done and very emotional.

Running shoes back on and no training turned up on a cold January to run the Winter Run 10k In London and through a very generous donation raised another £1000 for Cavernoma Alliance.

2015 (Dark Months)
From March 2015 I sank into a deep depression and was not far from wanting to take my own life (yes I thought about It and nearly did It one night on my way home) but I sought help with my family and girlfriend and battled without pills as It could raise possibility the chance of me falling Into relapse with my main Illness, Many nights with me not sleeping and many tears later I’ve battled through It and come out the other end.

2015 (October)
I’m back at work at LHR still dispatching but am now part time for the time being for my health reasons and it’s helping.

2015 (Christmas Eve)
Yes my girlfriend is now my Fiancée and also my rock ……..
Anthony 2
Yes crazy idea – lets join a group of others (35) and cycle to Paris.On the 14-17th July 2016 I will be cycling to Paris from Windsor to raise money for two charity’s
Cavenoma Alliance UK and Pace. (Cavernoma Alliance UK) (Pace)


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