March 2016 is “Together for Cavernoma Month”. The principal aim is to raise awareness of cavernoma in the minds of the world at large. We are asking everyone in CAUK who is able and would like to do so to play a small or larger part in this, and it can be in a host of different ways and to different degrees.

Members and supporters can organise a local event or publicity. Get together with other members or lead an event on your own. A chance to try something different or meet new people while raising awareness for CAUK.

At the large-scale level, we hope to find someone, perhaps more than one person, in every city and town who will try communicating in their local newspaper, their local radio station(s), local TV, county magazines or any output you can think of. It would be very helpful if you could let Angie know if you are willing to help in this way.

We are hoping also that as many people as possible will hold awareness-raising activities to promote “Together for Cavernoma Month”, in whatever way you like, and at whatever scale. And this could be as seemingly “small” as talking to people about cavernoma when an opportunity arises, as well. Our ideas are to bake a cake for cavernoma, arrange for your local pub to run a Cavernoma Month Quiz or get your Park Run to dedicate a run for cavernoma.

Here are our Top 10 Awareness Raising Ideas

1. Have your cavernoma story featured on the CAUK website.
2. Send details of your awareness raising event to your local newspaper or magazine and after the event send a description and pictures of the event.
3. Publicise cavernoma on social media by sharing posts and stories on cavernoma.
4. Make a short video of yourself talking about your cavernoma and post on social media such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram or Vimeo etc.
5. Volunteer to talk about cavernoma to a local group or organization in your area.
6. Put up a cavernoma poster or leaflet on your work noticeboard, doctor’s surgery or hospital department.
7. Talk about cavernoma to a local radio talk show.
8. Send a text about cavernoma to your friends and add the CAUK website link.
9. If your employer, local club or organisation has a charity of the year scheme, or charity collection, suggest CAUK as a worthy cause.
10. Start a blog about cavernoma. Sites like Blogger or WordPress can be used.

Don’t feel that your organised activities need to necessarily generate funds, since our principle aim is awareness-raising, but we are always very happy for fundraising to be included if you wish.

Also, please do something for yourself during March to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We would very much like to hear about what you have been doing, and love photographs for our publications.

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